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  Customized for

ALL ages & abilities.

Twenty-four or 94. Top shape or Out-of-shape. Seated or Standing. Sighted or Blind. Arthritis. Balance concerns.
We do it all
and have a class for you!

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Unlimited Virtual Memberships may attend Live Stream classes.


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Overweight and frequently tired, I could no longer do household chores. My husband was caring for me nearly full-time.

I began training with Angela when I was 67 years old. 

For fear of judgment, I never told Ang what my abilities actually were. She started training me at a manageable pace and pushed me just beyond that every day. At the end of each session Ang always stretched me out.  On days that I had knee pain, she always had different exercises so I'd still benefit from our sessions.  I'm so much stronger, flexible, and walking is much easier. I lost weight, but that was surpassed by everything else I achieved.

One day I finally shared with Ang all the ways she changed my life. I now walk up stairs, carry the laundry basket, reach for things overhead, vacuum under the table, and even hook my bra behind my back like I used to. Ang is knowledgeable, supportive, intuitive, and non-judgmental. Ang understood me from the beginning and somehow knows what I need without me telling her.


Female Client
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