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Fitnesss Equipment   Reccomendations

If you're putting the time and effort into working out, it's best to have the right tools for success. 

While it is possible to workout using just bodyweight resistance and household items, you will have a better experience and improved outcomes using any/or all of the following equipment.


The following equipment can be purchased online and takes into consideration safety, ease of use, versatility, and expense. 

Please note: While this equipment identifies as anti-snap and anti-burst, use of the following equipment is at your own risk.

Anti-Snap Resistance Tube Set
Anti-Snap Resistance Tube Set

18 piece, Portable Set - $28.00

Resistance Tube Set (5 Resistance Levels)

Resistance Tube Anchor (1)

Gliding Disks (1 Set)

Resistance Loop Set (5 Resistance Levels)

Ankle Straps (1 set)

Handles (1 set)

Stretching Strap

D-ring Strap or Daisy Strap



Anti-Burst 9" Fitness Ball



Price can vary vastly

Currently due to COVID-19, dumbbells are hard to come by and they are grossly overpriced. There are no special requirements for this item. $1.00 per pound is a great price. If you can find them, snatch up 2 dumbbells to make a pair.  If you are unsure what weight to purchase, contact us for guidance.

Fitness Mat


Anti-Burst Stability Ball


55cm if you are  4'11"-5'4" tall 
65 cm if you are 5'5" - 5'11" tall
75 cm if you are 6'0" - 6'7" tall



I've used trainers at gyms in the past because I didn't really know what to do. It honestly felt like they weren't interested in my success as much as younger looking clients.

Ang has equipment that other gyms don't have, she always has new workouts, and challenges me like I've asked her to. Ang's perspective of not giving in to your age helps keeps me young, and encourages me to keep going when things get tough. 


Female Client
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