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Client Testimonials

Male Client

 I watched my parents struggle with their health for 9 years as they aged. They lived in their home as long as they could, but they ended up in a nursing home their last few years of life.


I just turned fifty, I realize I am out of shape, and I was recently diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. I worry that I am going down the same path as my parents. So much of their hard earned money went to nursing home care; a place they didn't want to be.


I am proud to be spending my energy and finances on my future, to prevent the health problems my parents had. For me, it's about getting healthy now, so I can live a better quality life and live at home as I age. Ang has set me on a great path to help me do this.


Female Client

 I've used on-staff personal trainers at gyms in the past because I wasn't sure of what to do. The trainers wouldn't give me a good workout; they didn't seem as interested in me as they were in their twenty year old clients.


When I work out with Ang, she pushes me and doesn't treat me any differently because I am 'middle-aged'. Ang gives me a hard workout because that's what I want. Her personality and varied workouts always keep things fun. Ang's motivation and perspective of not giving in to your age helps keep me young, and keeps me from giving up when the going gets tough.


Golfing Couple

We exercise with Ang to make sure we can stay active for everything we do in our golden years, including playing with our grandkids and traveling. 


I didn't realize I was out of shape until my husband I and took the same vacation we did 4 years ago, and I couldn't finish the same hike I once did. I was also having a hard time getting down and up from the floor with the grandkids. I told Ang we plan to stay in our home forever, so she made suggestions to make the house more senior-friendly. Ang works on my balance, getting my heart rate up, and building the strength I need to get up off the floor with the grand kids or if I trip and fall. She says the exercises will help us to continue to live independently, including doing the gardening we enjoy.


Ang coming to our home is the highlight of the week. 

-R.W. & L.W.

Female Client

I became overweight and inactive. I was exhausted from walking around the house and could no longer perform chores like cooking and cleaning. With my husband being twelve years my senior, I knew he could not care for me forever. I was 67 years old when I began to work with Angela. 


For fear of judgment, I never told Ang how far my capabilities had dwindled; I just told her I wanted to lose weight. We began working together at a pace I was capable of and she pushed me just beyond that every day. Ang always stretched me out at the end of each session, too. On days that I had knee pain, she focused on other exercises that didn't affect my knee. Walking became less labored and I became stronger from lifting weights. I lost weight, but that was surpassed by everything else I achieved.


I decided to surprise Ang by telling her how much she changed my life. I finally revealed to her what I couldn't do, but now I can do. She was proud of me and we celebrated together. I can now carry the laundry basket, hang laundry, grab flour from overhead in the pantry, bend over to vacuum under the table, and even hook my bra behind my back like I used to. Ang is knowledgeable, supportive, empathetic, and non-judgmental. I now know there was no reason to hide anything from her, because Ang will help you no matter what.






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