Studio is OPEN by Appointment and for Weekly Small Group Fitness Classes.

Join us in Eagan, MN at our one-of-a-kind boutique fitness studio offering indoor and outdoor services.

Designed for use by both seniors and athletes, clients of any age and ability feel like this studio is made for them.

Challenge your body using gymnastics rings, hurdles, battle ropes, stability balls, and more! 

Personal Training

Our personal training offers customized exercise regimens to meet you where your fitness level currently is.

We discuss your personal goals and strive to reach them together. 

Taking into account how you feel during each session, we will push you to perform your best. ​​

     One-on-One Training

Our 1:1 personal training offers individualized attention to focus on your specific goals. 

  • If you struggle with symptoms from health challenges, this is the best option for greater customization.

*24 hour cancellation required or scheduled session will be forfeit.*

Sessions     Discount       Price

     1                                      $70  

     5                   5%            $333 

   10                 10%            $630

   20                 15%          $1190 

Sessions    Discount      Price

    1                                     $53  

    5                  5%            $252 

  10                10%            $477

  20                15%            $900 

       Small Group Training (2+ people)

  • Exercising with a friend is a great way to connect, encourage one another, and create  accountability.

  • Schedule group training if you enjoy the company of friends and your fitness goals are similar to one another.

  • If your physical limitations are much different than your friends, 1:1 training may be suggested.


*24 hour Cancellation Notice Required for Training or session will be forfeit.*

Sessions   Discount    Price

    1                                   $53  

    5                  5%          $252 

  10                10%          $477

  20                15%          $900 

  *Rates per person

Sessions   Discount    Price

    1                                    $40  

    5                  5%           $190 

  10                10%           $360

  20                15%           $680 

  *Rates per person

Weekly Small Group Fitness Classes

Prefer in-person fitness classes rather than virtual?   Register for THIS class!

Using a wide variety of equipment you won't find in large gyms, attend class with others who also desire to challenge themselves. Expect to feel supported, empowered, and excited to come back weekly. Cardio, balance, strength training, and agility exercises are common practice. 




9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Exercise Prescriptions

If you prefer to workout out independently but don't know how to attain your goals, we can help!

After a comprehensive initial appointment, you will receive an exercise prescription (program) to practice anywhere you want. Every 6-8 weeks you will receive a new exercise prescription to prevent plateaus and boredom.


By Appointment

Fitness Assessments

A series of measurements determine your current physical fitness baseline. Subsequent assessments will gauge your fitness progress. Measurements include:

  • Resting Heart Rate

  • Blood Pressure

  • Height and Weight Measurement

  • Body Composition

  • Strength Tests

  • Cardiovascular Test

  • Flexibility

By Appointment

Complimentary with

Studio Services


Unsure of what services are right for you?   Concerned your physical abilities may limit your participation?  We all have to start somewhere.  No matter the questions, we're happy to discuss any concerns you have during a complimentary consultation. 

By Appointment


COVID-19 Precautions


  • Services can be offered virtually and/or In-person per individual comfort.

  • Services are held exclusively online when Covid-19 restrictions prohibit in-person contact.

  • Temperature checks, social distancing, masks, and sanitizing products are required to reduce the likelihood of transmission.

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