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Hiring a trainer and/or finding an exercise partner is a great way to keep you motivated when you can't find the willpower to exercise. 
91 year old, Sy Perlis began weightlifting at just 60 years old and competing at 65 after his trainer suggested it. Perlis exercises five days a week, including cardiovascular exercise and weightlifting.
His 69 year old wife would rather stay home eating bonbons, but Perlis motivates her to exercise too.
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Man Tosses His Canes to Tear It Up on the Dance Floor

Choose an exercise that feels good to you. While a using a treadmill is popular option, you have to enjoy the exercise or you won't want to do it. Dancing is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. 
In the video, this man decides his canes are in the way of his dancing and tosses them aside. You are never too old to dance!
Tip: To elevate your heart rate more, raise your arms to chest height or higher.

100 Year Old Sets the World Record in 100 Meter Dash

If you believe you can, you will.  It's never too late to start moving.
100 years old,  Ella Mae Colbert set a new world record in the 100 meter dash.  
She sends out a great message within the video.

78 Year Old Woman Deadlifts 245 lbs

This article and interview is a perfect example of our mission to help seniors remain independent.
Enabling seniors to reclaim their health and physical abilities through fitness is what Become Wellness does. 
Way to go Shirley!  Small steps lead to huge strides.
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