Equipment Suggestions


If you're putting the time and effort into working out, it's best to have the right tools for success. 

While it's possible to workout using just bodyweight resistance and household items, the exercise variety can be limited. When selecting at-home equipment, factors including safety, ease of use, versatility, and expense should be considered.

I've provided a list of suggested items that can be purchased at a good price.  You may click on the underlined item(s) to purchase online. If you prefer buying locally, please ensure the equipment has the bolded qualities to reduce the chance of injury if the item breaks during use. 

Purchasing some or all of the equipment is not mandatory for class, but it will provide for a better experience and improved outcomes. 


PURCHASING OPTIONS​ (Click on the underlined words)

18 piece ANTI-SNAP Portable Resistance Tube Set ($28.00)

  Resistance Tube Set (5 Resistance Levels)

  Resistance Tube Anchor (1)

  Gliding Disks (1 Set)

  Resistance Loop Set (4 Resistance Levels)

  Ankle Straps (1 set)

  Handles (1 set)

Stretching Strap  ($8.00)

  Daisy chain strap (1)

  D-ring strap (1)

ANTI-BURST 9" Fitness Ball  ($6.00)


ANTI-BURST Stability Ball ($13.00)

  55cm if you are  4'11"-5'4" tall 

  65 cm if you are 5'5" - 5'11" tall

  75 cm if you are 6'0" - 6'7" tall

Fitness Mat ($19.00)


Currently due to COVID-19, dumbbells are hard to come by and they are grossly overpriced. There are no special requirements for this item. $1.00 per pound is a great price. If you can find them, snatch up 2 dumbbells to make a pair.  If you are unsure what weight to purchase, contact me for guidance.

Soup cans or weighted milk jugs and bags are going to be your alternative.


Soup cans or weighted milk jugs and bags

No Alternative

Furniture moving gliders or paper plates + dish rags

No Alternative

No Alternative

No Alternative​

Belt or Scarf or Rope

Thick pillow or large towel rolled into a cylinder


Towel or carpet