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 Service Locations


Live Streaming To Your Device

If you have internet access, you can receive our live fitness programming anywhere in the world!

       Studio in Eagan

Join us at our one-of-a-kind fitness studio that offers services both indoors and outdoors. Designed for use by both seniors and athletes, clients of any age and ability feel like this studio is made for them.



We come to your home if you don't have the ability or time to meet us.
Most clients usually have more than enough space in their home for our fitness services. 
If you have a large great room or yard we can also provide group exercise classes and seminars.

Local Community

Meet us at a local community establishment to participate in our fitness classes and health education services. Dance Studios and Senior Activity Centers are a popular location to find us.

55+ Communities

Utilizing your fitness space or your home, receive customized fitness services above and beyond most Activity Coordinators scope of exercise science.
Clients usually have more than enough space in their home for our fitness services. Community rooms or fitness centers are useful for group exercise and seminars; pools are a plus!


Helping to keep your employees healthy and productive, we visit your worksite to provide fitness and health education services.
Fitness centers, conference rooms or cafeterias are great spaces to provide group exercise classes, guided relaxation and seminars.

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