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LIVE Virtual Fitness Classes


Fitness Class Schedule         
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5.3.22 Class schedule

 Virtual Class Descriptions

Flexibility & Balance   30 minutes   

A gentle way to welcome physical activity into the new week. This class is designed to improve range of motion within the joints, stretch the soft tissue that supports the skeletal system and challenge our balance all at once! 

*Equipment:  Chair, Fitness Mat & Stretching Strap (or necktie)*

Balance & Brains™     1 hour

Designed for the unique needs of older adults who desire to remain active and value being agile and mentally sharp. Exercises are aimed to:

  • Strengthen the entire body, including the core

  • Improve balance

  • Reduce the risk of falling during activities of daily living

  • Improve memory, reasoning, and problem-solving skills

*Equipment:  Chair, Fitness Mat & Pair of Weights*

Mobility & Balance   30 minutes

Strength, balance, and physical endurance are sure to improve with this class.  Class components include exercises to: prevent falls; build strength to remain independent; improve flexibility, posture, and core stability.  You are an ideal candidate for this class if you:

  • notice daily activities/routine becoming challenging

  • are unable to stand for up to 30 minutes

  • are unable to get down to the floor and back up 

 *Equipment:  Chair & Pair of Weights*

TimeOut20   20 minutes

Feeling the afternoon slump?

Stop what you are doing and give yourself a timeout to reawaken your mind and body.

This light activity and stretching is perfect even if you are wearing work clothing.  

*Equipment:  Chair & Stretching Strap (or necktie)*

Core & Pelvic Floor    30 minutes

Designed for both men and women in mind, this class will help to strengthen your abdominals, lower back, and weak pelvic floor muscles. Benefits of a strong pelvic floor include:

  • Improved

    • balance and core strength

    • bladder and bowel control

    • sexual health

    • confidence and quality of life

    • surgery recovery: prostate and gynecological

  • Reduced risk of prolapse: rectal and vaginal 

*Equipment:  Chair & Fitness Mat*

Bodyweight Training   45 minutes

It's all about you in this class. Your self-confidence is sure to improve when you challenge your toughest!  Learn bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere to improve your strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.  

*Equipment:  Chair & Fitness Mat *

Core Fusion™    45  minutes

Designed to strengthen the abdominals, lower back, and buttocks. Expect to practice a variety of exercise techniques including cardio, strengthening, and stretching to target the core. 

*Equipment:  Chair & Fitness Mat*

HIIT   30 minutes

Looking for a quick workout? Not a lot of time is required to torch calories and fat when it comes to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).          Alternating between high-intensity exercise and then low-intensity exercise to catch your breath, plan to give it your all during this 30-minute workout! 

*Equipment:  Chair, Fitness Mat & Pair of Weights*

Circuit Training     30 minutes

Working your way through a fast-paced, full body strength and cardiovascular workout, you'll feel energized and ready to take on the day.

*Equipment:  Chair, Fitness Mat & Pair of Weights*

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